Can I join both the Motorcycle and Hot Rod Ministry?

Answer is YES..... you may join all ministries and represent all.  That way  you can represent with the PURPLE or Khaki Motorcycle Ambassador Road Patch while riding or attending motorcycle events, the BURGUNDY while driving your hot rod or attending car events and the GOLD while participating in or attending any events as it represents Freedom.

All Ministries have the same mission to help the homeless, needy, veterans, support law enforcement and first responders and to reach out to people that want to know our Christian God. This ministry is providing  two different avenues for people with similar interests to share the word.

Can I join the ministry if I'm not a Christian or serve another faith? 

Answer is NO..... you may not join unless you are a Christian that follows Jesus Christ and truly BELIEVES that the Father , Son, and Holy Spirit are ONE. You cannot serve 2 masters.

Can I return the patches for a refund?

Answer is YES..... you have 72 hours after receiving your patches to request a return or refund IF AND ONLY IF the patches have NOT been sewn or affixed to clothing.  Personalized items such as Road name patches ARE NOT RETURNABLE OR REFUNDABLE.

Can women join the ministry?

Answer is YES..... women may join the ministry and wear a patch. We offer back patches in both 15 x 15 and 12 x 12.  You may choose which size fits you best. We recommend women wear the 12 x 12 size but the choice is yours.  We are ALL children of God and Jesus wants everyone to spread HIS word.

Are there laws, bylaws. rules, or regulations?

Answer is NO..... Our only law is God's Law.  We do have a few common sense guidelines.  Do not commit a crime, do anything you know is against God or misrepresent His Calling Ministry while waring the patch.

Is this ministry run like a 1% MC?

Answer is NO..... This ministry is ran FOR, OF, and BY GOD.  We DO however love and give the utmost respect to our 1% brothers. We must remember that a large majority of them fought ,were wounded, or died for this nation.

How long has this ministry been around? 

Answer is.....  The Ministry was created in 2017. It actually started by a band previously known as April Calling.  Due to the founders strong belief in Jesus most of the members became saved and we changed focus from secular music to Christian music and changed our name to His Calling. Since 2020 we have continued to grow rapidly. 

Why was this Ministry created?

Answer is..... God spoke to the founder's heart regarding starting a motorcycle ministry. He spent 2 week's battling against what God was asking of him.  He was a lone rider with no interest in starting or joining any type of motorcycle ministry.  With a lot of praying about it he still felt lead by God to follow HIS voice and set forth on the mission set upon him.

How big are your plans for His Calling Ministry?

Answer is..... Letting God lead the way. 

Does His Calling Ministry believe in tithing?

Answer is YES..... We believe in giving 10% as often as possible to help others for God.

How has His Calling Ministry helped people?

Answer is..... His Calling Ministry, has donated time, counseling, physical aide and monetary donations towards victims of natural disasters, children's foundations, and even members within the ministry that had struggles come against them, as well as spreading the word of God.

What does MMM stand for?

Motorcycle Music Ministry 

(To now include Hot Rod and Patriot Freedom Trucker as well.)

Do I have to have a Motorcycle, Hot Rod car, or Big Rig Truck to join the ministry?

Answer is NO..... You DO NOT have to have a motorcycle, hot rod or big rig truck to be a part of this ministry.  We are ALL God's calling.  

Does my motorcycle have to be a certain brand, style, or size?

Answer is NO..... you may have any size, brand, style, or size motorcycle you prefer.

Does the ministry do background checks?

Answer is NO..... His Calling does NOT do background checks.  We do vet people that want to join just to ensure that they are true Christians. Your past is your past as we DO NOT PASS JUDGEMENT . God made clear HE is the ONLY JUDGE!

Do I have to use a specific Bible?

Answer is NO..... We prefer that you use the King James Bible based on the WORD OF GOD stating that the Bible would be 7 times purified with the King James Bible being the 7th Holy translation of HIS word. God specifically instructed us not to add or take away from HIS word.

Why should I wear a Back Patch?

Answer is..... Wearing the back patch and or any patch representing His Calling Ministry is a billboard showing others that you know the Christian God  Jesus Christ.

Can I request a different color for my patch?

Answer is NO..... The colors for the patches are part of the trademark and may not be changed.

What material can I put my patches on?

Answer is..... You may affix your patch to any material you prefer, we recommend Denim or Leather.  We have provided links at the bottom of the website as suggestion places to purchase those.

Is there a particular placement guide for my patches?

Answer is YES.....At the top of this website is a patch placement guide, or you can see check out photos of other members for the placement of patches. We do this to remain uniform.

Can I make my own His Calling Ministry patches?

Answer is NO.....You may NOT make, create or produce ANY His Calling Ministry patches. The patches are trademarked and will lead to legal action if you do so. 

Can I make my own His Calling Ministry merchandise?

Answer is YES & NO..... You may make merchandise other than patches using the His Calling logo but you MUST get approval from administration first. If you want to make merchandise to raise money for your chapter using the His Calling logo please contact us through either our Facebook Clubhouse or use the CONTACT US section on this page.

Can I advertise or sell my motorcycle and/or merchandise within the ministry?

Answer is YES..... upon approval from the administration you may advertise and sell your merchandise in any of our Facebook groups. (Christian Biker, Come As You Are,  American Biker, His Calling Hot Rod Clubhouse, His Calling Motorcycle Clubhouse, His Calling Patriot Trucker Clubhouse)

Do I have to start or belong to a chapter?

Answer is NO..... you may be a lone rider or start or join a chapter.  The choice is yours.

If I choose to start a chapter is there a certain format or criteria for running it?

Answer is YESNO..... You are free to run your chapter as you feel God is leading you to do so. You DO NOT HAVE to have officers or prospect people but you can if you choose.  In order for someone to wear the back and front patches they must be a Christian and believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are ONE. However if a person is NOT Christian but wants to be a supporter of your chapter and His Calling Ministry they can wear the supporter patches. Because His Calling Ministry does not have man made laws or bylaws, we recommend that each chapter be ran the same way.  However the choice is yours.

Does my chapter have to have meetings?

Answer is NO..... You are NOT required to have meetings.  If you want to have meetings or get togethers you are free to do so, but it is not a requirement. You may run your chapter as you feel God is leading you to. The choice is yours.

Can I do prison outreach while representing HIs Calling Ministry?

Answer is YES..... There are already chapters doing just that.

Can women be officers in a chapter?

Answer is YES..... Any patched member may be an officer in a chapter if your chapter has officers. Officers are NOT REQUIRED in any chapter.  The choice is yours.

Can my chapter sponsor organizations or have fundraisers?

Answer is YES..... This ministry is about helping people. Feel free to sponsor or donate to any charities or organizations that you feel are upstanding pillars of your communities.

Can chapters ride together?

Answer is YES..... There is power in numbers and when 2 or more are gathered in the name of Jesus he is there as well. We welcome chapters and/or individuals to ride together, to include riding together with those in the Hot Rod and Patriot Freedom portion of the ministry as well.

Do I have to be in a certain state or country to be a part of this ministry?

Answer is NO..... You may join His Calling Ministry regardless of where you live. As of April 2022 we have chapters in 35 of the 50 states with multiple chapters in certain states, as well as Australia and Canada.

If I move out of state or country can I still be a part of His Calling Ministry?

Answer is YES..... You will ALWAYS be HIS CALLING regardless of your location.

Do I have to go to the COC to wear the patch?

Answer is YES & NO..... If you feel as though you need to go to the COC in your area you are free to do so but it is NOT required as we created the patch in such a way that it is not mandatory to do so. Remember this is a BAND logo and a 1-piece patch.

How old do I have to be to join this ministry?

Answer is..... You must be 18 yrs old to join the ministry on your own,  unless accompanied by a parent. Even those over 18 sometimes need to be accompanied by a parent. LOL!

Can children wear patches?

Answer is YES..... Regardless of age we are all God's children. We offer back patches in both 15 x 15 and 12 x 12 .  You may choose which size fits best for yourself or your children. We recommend women and children wear the 12 x 12 patch but the choice is yours.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Answer is..... See bottom of website or at checkout all payment options that we accept are listed.  

Can I use a check or money order?

Answer is..... If you have to use a check or money order please contact HIS CALLING Ministry for more information in the CONTACT US section.

Do you offer lay-a-way or a payment plan?

Answer is YES..... We offer SHOP PAY where you can make 4 equal installments of your total.  The first is on the day of ordering and the next 3 are every 2 weeks through SHOP PAY. More information is provided on the product pages.

How long does it take to receive my patches?

Answer is..... Most items will be received within 5 - 8 business days unless it is a special order item such as a personalized road name which will have to be made to your specifications. ( Those could take up to 12 weeks.)  At times we may be delayed if we are out of stock on any particular items.  In the event that we are out of stock on an item you will be notified via email to give you an estimated time frame of when we expect to have it to you.  Please be patient as we are growing rapidly.

How will I know that my patches are being shipped?

Answer is..... You will receive a tracking number via email.

Will there be more His Calling Ministry merchandise coming?

Answer is..... Yes but it's all a surprise! 

Does His Calling Ministry have Administration?

Answer is YES.... His Calling has gifted and voluntary brothers and sisters helping to further the mission set forth by God. If you would like to be a part of the administration you may reach out to us in the CONTACT US section.

Is there an online chat group for His Calling Ministry?

Answer is YES..... You can chat within Facebook Clubhouses,( at the top and bottom of this website click on the Facebook Icon for the Motorcycle Clubhouse or visit the Groups section.  You will find HC Social Media (located at the top of this website) and we also have a Testimonies section (located at the top of the website) where you may share your experience with finding God.

If I smoke, drink or do drugs may I join the ministry?

Answer is YES..... Belief that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are ONE is the only terms to joining this Ministry.  We ALL sin and come short of the glory of God.  There are over 1200 sin from the Old and New Testament in the Bible. Not even Preachers who we may look up to are sinless. God made it clear that no sin is greater than another except for Blasphemy which will not be forgiven. WE DO NOT JUDGE the individual, that is between you and God. All we ask is that you not misrepresent or disrespect the ministry while wearing the patch.

Do I have to have certain political views to join this ministry?

Answer is NO..... you are free to have whatever political views you prefer.  However we ask that you respect each members views and if you disagree with a member, simply agree to disagree. This ministry is about God not government although we do understand that they do intersect and at times discussions regarding the world and the Bible will be prevalent.

Are persons of any race, color, creed, or ethnicity welcome to join this ministry?

Answer is YES..... His Calling Ministry welcomes anyone and everyone that believes that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are ONE to join regardless of race, creed, color, or ethnicity.

Does this Ministry support LGBTQ?

Answer is..... Please refer to the Christian Bible

I have medical and/or mental issues, can I join this ministry?

Answer is YES..... Don't we all? LOL!  If God brought you here then God needs you to be HIS CALLING.

Do you have physical churches that I could attend?

Answer is..... some chapters have started physical churches whether it be in a building , park, bus or members home.  To find out if there is a church in your area feel free to contact us in the CONTACT US section.

Who may join the ministry or attend a His Calling Church?

Answer is..... We are a COME AS YOU ARE  non denominational ministry.  It does not matter if you are rich or poor, homeless, been in jail, struggle with addiction, used to be a satanist or atheist, everyone is welcome to join the ministry as long as you believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are One. If you are seeking Jesus and looking for guidance and are not part of the ministry you are welcome to COME AS YOU ARE to ANY His Calling Church. His Calling churches will NOT turn people away that are looking for guidance and assistance regardless of their circumstances.

What denomination is your ministry?

Answer is..... We are a NON DENOMINATIONAL ministry.

Does His Calling Ministry believe in War?

Answer is NO..... We MUST LOVE our enemy and FORGIVE them. We do realize that at times circumstances arise and we may not ALWAYS be able to escape war. We firmly support our Military and Veterans.

Are Events or Rides Mandatory?

Answer is NO..... You have the choice to attend or not attend events as you feel God is directing you to. If you choose to attend events we would love for you to share photos of yourself and/or your chapter at those events in our Facebook Clubhouse.

Do you believe satan is real?

Answer is YES..... To believe in God is to believe in his adversary satan. God is the word and the word is God and he made it clear that satan is a god. 

Ephesians 2:2 — King James Version (KJV 1900)

Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:


Does the band charge for their music or shows?

Answer is NO..... The band DOES NOT charge for their music or shows.  They band gives away their music,  its for God!

Does His Calling Ministry support the police?

Answer is YES..... His Calling Ministry supports law enforcement, military, veterans, and all first responders. God Bless them ALL!