How To Join His Calling Ministry

"Well since you clicked on "How Do I Join?" that must mean that you are wanting to become a part of a one-of-a-kind Motorcycle Ministry.  We are not only a Motorcycle Ministry but also contain members that do not ride motorcycles as well.  This Ministry is OF, FOR, and BY GOD.  God has expanded this ministry to reach everyone and anyone.  We opened up this ministry for those who love motorcycles, cars, patriotism, are truckers, and just plain love helping those in need such as children, the less fortunate, veterans, the list goes on. 

There are no man-made laws, by-laws, rules, regulations, dues, meetings, and nothing is expected of you, except that you believe in God, and that the Father, Son & Holy Spirit are one.  That's it!  I will say that we do have a few guidelines meant to keep uniformity, and respect for each and every member.  Common sense really, which I know is rare these days.  Simply stated, please if you are wearing a patch representing His Calling Ministry conduct yourself accordingly.  In other words, don't commit a crime with the patch on, be respectful to other motorcycle clubs, and others in general, DO NOT private message other members asking for money.  We help as many as possible when we can.  Again, common sense. The patch is simply a billboard screaming to others that you know God.

My guess is that since you found us that you are a Christian or are interested in Christianity.  Well, it's your lucky day, we have hundreds of members eager to help you know God if you don't already. We have many Facebook groups, even by state so that you can get familiar with others in your area.  We are not a ministry that goes out and boasts about what we have done.  We do try to raise money to help others in need, as well as doing simple kind gestures for others, sometimes it is our own ministry members that need a helping hand.

So back to the basic question of "How Do I Join?"  Well it's simple really.  If you have more questions you can always go to our FAQ section, or you can reach out to one of the Facebook groups, or email us at, or even text 727-433-9711.  

If you want to join immediately just click on the link below and order whichever Patch Set you prefer. 100% of all patch sales (after overhead) goes directly to helping those in need. Hope to Hear from you soon.  Welcome aboard and God Bless!

For those of you who have trouble navigating the website here are step by step instructions on how to purchase a patch set.

1. Click on this link >>>>>.  Full Sets – HIS CALLING MMM (

2. Select (click on) which patch set you want to purchase.

3. Select the size if applicable (15 X 15 Recommended) 

4. Select which flag you prefer (American or Back the Blue)

5. Select quantity

6. Add To Cart

7. On the Cart page you will see a box that says "How Did You Hear About Us?" Please type in the box the name of the person who sent you or how you found us.

8. Once you have selected all items you want Click on "Checkout"

****(NOTE)****    We have many payment options.  Credit Cards, Paypal. Google Pay etc, BUT we also have SHOP PAY.  SHOP PAY allows you to pay in 4 installments for purchases over $50.00.  In other words, you click SHOP PAY follow the on-screen instructions and make your first payment today.  Every 2 weeks another payment will be deducted from whatever payment method you choose until the item is paid in full.  The best part is that you do not have to wait to receive your item.  It will be shipped once you place your order.  SHOP PAY is a third party provider, once you use them, they are the ones collecting the money.  His Calling is not involved in that.

9. Fill in your shipping information and click "continue to shipping"

10. Shipping is included so click "continue to payment"

11. Choose your payment method and enter your information, verify your information and then click "pay now".

12. You will receive an email confirmation of your order and once it ships a confirmation with the tracking number will also be sent.

13. Thank you, God Bless and Welcome to His Calling!